How to fall asleep instantly - first steps

Like mentioned in the previous post, gaining the ability of falling asleep instantly is a process.

It begins by having the bed intended for a single activity... sleeping. This way we condition the body that when we lay down in our bed, it's time to sleep.

Most people make the mistake of using their bed to read, watch TV or worse... when they need to think about important decisions. This makes the bed a multi-function piece of furniture and ceases to be the body's signal that it's time to sleep.

I suggest that you watch TV in the living room, for example or maybe sitting in a chair next to your bed and only lie down when you feel sleepy and fall asleep quickly.

Another mistake people usually make is getting through the intensely sleepy period in the evening and lying down only after they have already missed the moment.

In the evening, the body naturally gets in that part of the cycle when it's time to fall asleep. We all feel it naturally and know when it's going on. But many times we still think we have to be awake for at least a few more hours (usually without a good reason!) and so we get past that cycle. Then our brain begins to counter the natural state and begins pumping "wake up" hormones in the bloodstream. It's hard to fall asleep then because the body just isn't ready and it needs some time to bring itself back to the proper cycle.

Yet another mistake people make when it's bed time is drinking coffee, tee or Coca-Cola. Drinking these caffeine-rich drinks after 6 or 7 PM can cause us to be awake far beyond the time to fall asleep!

Heavy exercise right before bed time also causes the body to wake up and be alert, while releasing "wake up" hormones. This also makes us stay awake longer and not being able to fall asleep instantly as we lay down in our bed.

So, the first step in gaining the ability and training your body to be able to fall asleep instantly when you lay down in bed are:

  • Use your bed only for sleep
  • Go to bed when you feel sleepy and fall asleep
  • Don't exercise just before laying down
  • Don't drink caffeine-rich drinks
See you soon in another post on how to fall asleep instantly.

How To Fall Asleep Instantly Is A Process

Not many people are blessed with the ability to fall asleep instantly. There is, however, a very straight-forward way of training oneself to fall asleep instantly every night.

There are several factors to consider. We have physical factors and psychological/behavioral factors.

Physical factors that contribute to falling asleep are:

  • Bed and mattress
  • Pillow
  • Blanket
  • Room temperature
  • Air humidity

Psychological factors that contribute to instantly falling asleep are:

  • Stress levels
  • Thoughts
  • Level of tiredness
  • What we use the bed for

It's pretty important to use the bed only for sleeping (OK, some other activities are allowed, of course) but it's not recommended to watch TV, read in bed or to slack in bed the whole day.

We should only go to bed when we feel tired and want to go to sleep. This way we begin conditioning the body and mind for our task - to be able to fall asleep instantly when we lay down in bed.

Many people have trouble falling asleep because they're afraid they'll forget some chores they have to do the next day or because they don't know what exactly they have to accomplish the next day.

This is where a simple planning notebook comes in handy... Simply write your tasks for the next day. This way you have a major thing less to worry about. This simple trick helps a lot of people to fall asleep normally when they had a lot of trouble doing so before.

Falling asleep can also be aided with the use of relaxation techniques, hypnosis and brain entrainment technology.

It's important to realize that it takes training and preparation in order for someone to know exactly how to fall asleep instantly.